I provide a fresh eye, a variety of approaches, and a second set of hands to help you with. I will help you define what your goal is, and come up with a plan to reach it. And then, I will roll up my sleeves and pitch in. When you work, I work. I will push you,  question you, and observe you, but not force you into anything. I will point out where you seem to get hung up, and try to help you overcome that.
I can help with a closet, room home, boat, camper. Are you moving? I can help you decide what you can let go before packing it. Just moved? I can help you decide what should really take up the space in your home, and help you let go of the rest. Just want someone to walk through your home with you and look at the rooms, closets, and other spaces, and talk ideas of how to better organize? I can do that, too! Have a physical disability keeping you from decluttering? I can help with this as well.  Not sure if what you need is a service I offer? Contact me. 

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