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When I found myself with an empty nest, I wanted to organize my spare rooms but somehow I just couldn’t seem to find the patience or the energy to begin.  It was easier to just close the door and forget about it.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  Wrong!!  I decided I needed help.

Sylvia came in and aided me with the major organizing work, offering very helpful tips and showing me how easy it is to let go of things I haven’t used in years.  She is thorough, honest with a great attitude and was especially fun to work with.  She knows how to ask those tough questions about what’s most important to you, organizing an area according to your needs and really listens to what you expect through this project.  She offers a high level of expertise in the area of organizing, teaches you how to make the best use of your space and it shows how much she understands and loves this process.

I absolutely love using these rooms now.  How can you not appreciate the ability to find things without doing the “turning up everything” act just to find what you’re looking for?  Now, I’m enjoying that I have a useful guest bedroom and two craft rooms that are both useful and beautiful and I have Sylvia to thank for that.  Couldn’t have done it without her.  I plan on having her back to help me with some smaller projects when I’m ready to attack those areas.

Connie; Kirkland, WA


I hired Sylvia about three years ago to help me organize my home. My husband and I were new parents and I couldn’t devote much time to clearing out the stuff we accumulated in our home or organize it.

She worked very well with our schedules and we worked on different sections of the home. She would see something that I had glazed over for years and ask about it, and in explaining it to her I would realized its value in our home was no longer what it had once been.

Sylvia is quite gentle and reasonable. She would question why I had something but never pushed me to get rid of anything that I felt a strong connection with. She gave us great tips that help me sort through things. She even helped with packing and loading things out of our home.

She is really just a treat to work with and we love her to death. She keeps the spirit of living minimally without feeling like you’ve gutted your home. I highly recommend her services. We no longer employ her, but still use her strategies to keep our clutter to a minimum.

Marla; Watertown, NY


I am not a minimalist.

I find a freedom in messiness that is not chained by restrictive rules.

I think the minimalist movement will just create a new class of borrowers.

And, I must admit that I take pleasure in the fact that if someone is looking for something, there is a high probability that I might have it.

As a widow and lone family survivor though, I found myself with an attic filled with emotional triggers.

I called on Sylvia to organize it for me.

I was not only asking her to work in an inhospitable environment, but I was not going to help her and I was not going to declutter anything. She was not only a hard worker, but she rose to my specific needs and did so without complaint.

I now know where the baby items are…..and where I need to find the land deeds.

Bonnie, Henderson, NY


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