What To Expect

Making a commitment to clean up a space is hard enough, and the task itself can be overwhelming.  I will help you come up with a plan, and help you achieve it. We will discuss what the space used to be, what you want it to be used for, and different ways to make that happen.

Everyone is different, and sometimes the way we will approach it doesn’t work. It happens. I find as long as we communicate, we can change things up as we need to so they work for you and we can reach the goals set.

I will bring a second set of hands, a fresh eye, and a head full of ideas and approaches to use. In return, I need you to bring an open mind. Be willing to try a new approach. Understand that things will get messier before they get cleaner. Know that I will play a certain amount of devil’s advocate, but I will never force you to get rid of anything you do not want to. In the end, how successful we are is up to you, and how you define that success is also up to you.

I will not waste your time. My phone will stay in my bag unless we are using it for our project. I will give you and the task my full attention. I will come prepared. In return I ask the same. Phone away, give me and the task your full attention, and be prepared, which means when we agree that you will have  a certain task or tasks done before I arrive for a visit, you have it done. If we find we just don’t work well together, that is okay. Not everyone gets along perfectly. As long as we talk to each other, we will be able to get the best from this partnership.

I want us to tackle your project with humor, excitement and commitment. Laughing makes the time go by, and helps keep the task at hand from becoming too heavy. I do tend to assign “Homework,” but what this usually means is taking any trash, recycle and donations and disposing of them before our next session. Start clean, end clean. I will also, from time to time, ask you to think about why you do certain things; whether that means thinking about why you gravitate toward putting all your stuff on the kitchen table instead of on the entry way table, or why you can’t let go of all the kitchen gadgets you have collected but only used once.  I really believe that you need to have an understanding of how and why you function in your space — mentally and physically — or the problems you are trying to solve with me will continue to creep back in.

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