What does that mean? Sparking joy.

Maria Kondo is very hot in the decluttering world at the moment. One of the things she tells you to ask yourself when you hold an item is “Does this item spark joy?”

My response to that is “What in the heck does THAT mean???!!” I have so many different levels of joy that an item can spark, that this process of decluttering would cause me to hold onto more than I probably should.

There are so many sayings like this in the world of decluttering, and it is because we are all different in the way we think. A helpful saying or guide line that makes total sense to one person could cause another to just scratch their head in confusion.

So, if the Maria Kondo saying doesn’t resonate with you, maybe this one from Do It On A Dime’s  “I tried Swedish Death Cleaning” video will.

“Will anyone be happier if I save this?”

This concept totally resonates with me. I have seen so many clients hang onto things to pass them on to kids/friends/family that have no interest in them, and I, too, hang onto things because I think that maybe they will make me happy again in the future, like they made me happy in the past. but they never do, and then they make me sad because they are taking up space that could be empty and peaceful, or used for something else. Still, it can be hard to let things like this go, but that item could totally bring joy into another persons life if you do. The right person has to have the opportunity to find the item, and if it is hidden away in your closet or the back of a drawer, that isn’t going to happen.

So, if you are having problems understanding a decluttering concept, do not fret, dear reader. There are so many different ways to do this thing, and all it takes is a little time looking at different approaches to find something that resonates with you. When you do, take that spark of joy and run with it!

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