Ginger’s craft room

Ginger’s craft room was a hot mess! Originally, she had this room organized and was using it, but when one of her kids had to move back in for a while, everything she moved from their temporary room was placed in here. Every time she opened the door with the intent of tidying up, she would take one look and shut it again. Since we knew what she wanted  the room to be used for, we simply went through it and removed anything that did not belong. Then we did a quick  pass through the room, making garbage, recycle, and donate piles.  When we finished the quick pass, we dealt with the piles, and in doing so opened up a lot more space for us to work in.

My second visit involved doing another relatively quick pass over and through every drawer, closet and cupboard, moving things back to where they should be according to what craft they were for. Later, Ginger rearranged the furniture a bit to create a better organized space. She is enjoying her “new” old space, and crafting like crazy!

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