Ginger’s guest room

This poor guest room/office space/ toy box for the grandkids had become the home of “all the things that had no home.”  It was full of paperwork that needed to be sorted and filed, all buried under random items and toys. We talked about what she needed for each function to work together in one room. We agreed that a quick pass was needed to remove the easily identified unwanted items, so we did a quick pass, creating garbage, donate, and recycle piles, and grouping like items together for a more detailed sorting later. By the time we finished, all her paperwork was together, and ready to go through and organize, the donation, recycle and garbage items were out of the room, and we were ready to organize and tidy up. She was able to use the space we had made to organize her paperwork and the closet it was going into.  Finally she had her guest room back, and could put her papers where they needed to go right away, access the toys quickly, and have the place ready in two shakes of a lambs tail for guests.  Mission accomplished!

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